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Its that time of year again! 

Christmas toys for Kids

ages 12 and under

Toys for Tots is a locally funded program coordinated by EMPOWER, the Marine Core League and the American Legion Riders to assist low income families in Fall River County with getting Christmas gifts for their children during the holiday season.  If you would like to apply and register for gifts you may call or stop in the office.  The office is not staffed full-time so there are registrations on the board by the door if you complete one someone will call you to confirm registration.


Have a safe and merry holiday season!!

Alcohol and Drug use is a huge problem among todays youth and with community involvement and collaboration with other agencies we can make a difference. 

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WE NEED YOU to make a difference!
We need concerned citizens and parents to change the Alcohol and Drug Abuse issues in our community.  
Coalition membership is open to the public.  For inquiries call


View our Purpose, Mission Statement and Vision:  Purpose-mission-vision.doc

Every community, no matter where it is located, has its own specific set of issues and problems and we are no different. The nature of the problems vary from place to place, such as one community may be thriving economically versus another that desperately needs  low-income housing. While the issues may change, the need to deal with them remains the same. ECOSH was founded to unite community strengths/resources and bring together to solve community problems.

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