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We Believe in Being a Responsible Server

TAM is a nationally recognized program offered by the LBDSD. The primary objective of this program is to help control alcohol related incidents by providing you and your employees with effective alcohol management techniques. This is a voluntary program. Participants may receive access to special property and liability insurance through TAM certification.

Seminar Objectives Are:

·         To establish an attitude of professionalism for employees.

·         To improve employee knowledge and understanding of their role as an alcohol server.

·         Provide tools to reduce alcohol related incidents.

·         Increase public awareness of the dangers of drunk driving and the industry's interest in responsible serving.

·         Provide employees with skills necessary for the prevention of illegal sales to underage persons.

Is TAM a nationally accredited certification program?
YES, the LBDSD On-Sale and Off-Sale TAM program is a national certification program which has been approved by the South Dakota Department of Revenue. All participants are required to attend three hours of training and pass a 20 question exam with 75% or higher. A certification card is issued by LBDSD to each qualifying participant. The certification card is valid for 4 years.

Looking for a convenient way to certify your employees? We are available to assist you or your community in setting up a TAM seminar to meet your needs. A minimum number of employees will be required to hold a class.

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