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December 2012 - Prevention Newslink

Real Facts About Drugs

Above the Influence
Looking to lead a life that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol? Above the Influence is dedicated to helping teens overcome their dependency on these destructive substances.

From the school hallways to the world of social media, bullying is more prevalent than ever. Learn the facts and join in the fight against this destructive behavior with StopBullying.Gov!

Adolescent Wellness, Inc.
Teenage depression largely goes unrecognized by parents and educators, which can lead to devastating results. Join the fight in recognizing teenage depression and preventing suicide with Adolescent Wellness, Inc.

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25
Every year thousands are killed while walking among their neighborhood streets. Slow down, take a stand, and make a difference with Keep Kids Alive Drive 25.

Stay Teen
Education is the best way to avoid teen pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases. Stay Teen is dedicated to keeping teens informed about issues such as sex, abstinence, and birth control.

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