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Lifelines Intervention:
Helping Students At-Risk for Suicide

With Help Comes Hope -

Suicide is a preventable public health problem. One of the ways to prevent suicide is to talk about it. 
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Suicide Prevention Task Force Goals:

1.       to strengthen the capacity of our communities and schools to plan, implement and sustain evidence based suicide prevention programs that increase protective factors and reduce risk factors,

2.       support and assist schools with identification, implementation and assessment of evidence based curriculum into academia,

3.       assist schools and communities with the development or improvement of crisis response/post-vention plans,

4.       provide education to:

a.       increase knowledge and competence in suicide specific content,

b.      increase early identification, referral and follow up of at-risk youth,

c.       increase parent awareness and participation in suicide prevention, and

d.      improve referral and follow-up processes for youth referred to mental health and alcohol and drug services.

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